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Stainless steel basket

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Wire Mesh Storage Baskets, also named as wire mesh basket or wire mesh cage is an essential and flexible unit for material handling and storage.
* Made of high quality steel material and formed by cold harder welding.
* Foldable structure,easy to operate and manage.Saving space when not in use with its folden structure.
* Zinc-plated surface ,crossion protection,elegant and durable.
* Stackable,can be stacked up to 4 levels,saving space.
* Can be used in workshops and supermarkets for sales promotion and storage.
* Four-way forklift entry,semi-open structure, easy to access the goods inside. High efficiency.
* Accordense with international standard,ISO9001,high quality and low price.
* We mainly provide the standard products below.

Customization is also welcomed!

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