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Grassland Fence

  • Xingang,Tianjin
  • 10pieces
  • 7000meters/week
  • 30%T/T in advance ,70%balanced before shipping
Place of Origin:  Anping Price: 
Price Valid Time: 20days Export Markets: Asia,America,Africa,Euro,etc.
 HS Code:
Means of Transport: by sea
Delivery Date:  FOB/CFR/CIF Special Groups:
Applications: for animal Company certificate:
Quality inspection: ISO 9001:2002

Brand Name:

Hole Shape:
Material:  galvanized steel wire Wire Gauge:
Dia: 2.5-12mm Mesh:
Packaging Detail: according to your requirement Delivery Detail: FOB/CFR/CIF

Grassland Fence

1. Weft wire pitch: 7.5cm, 15cm, 30cm;
2. The wire spacing: not less than 5.0cm to any specifications;
3. Net Height: no higher than 2.0 meters to any specifications;
4. Net length: 50 meters, 100 meters.
Main Features:
1, Grassland Fence net with high strength galvanized steel wire braiding, high strength tensile big, can withstand cattle, horses, sheep and other livestock violently shaken, safe and reliable.
2, steel wire, galvanized surface wave ring, the other parts are taking anti-rust anti-corrosion measures, can adapt to harsh working conditions, life expectancy of up to 20 years.
3, woven network parallel to rolling wave of technology, increased flexibility and cushioning function, can be adapted to the deformation of thermal expansion and contraction, so that a chain link fence has always been to keep up tight condition.
4, simple structure, easy maintenance, short construction period, small size, light weight, easy to transport, installation, ventilation and light transmission does not affect the landscape.

Grassland Fence

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