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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the smallest hole size that you can perforate?
The smallest hole that can be perforated is typically equal to the material thickness. The physical and chemical properties of certain materials like brass and aluminum allow smaller holes than the material thickness to be perforated.

What standard hole patterns are available?
The Perforating Industry has defined a number of standard hole patterns, they can be found in our site.

Can I get the exact pattern that I am looking for?
Our perforation’s standard tooling allows over a thousand different patterns to be produced. Often we can come very close to what you are looking for. We can also manufacture special tooling to meet your needs. This is very economical when you have a larger need for a certain pattern.

What is the thinnest material you can perforate?
We can perforate stainless foil down to a thickness of 0.008".

What materials can be perforated?
Numerous metals and plastics can be perforated. Commonly perforated materials can be found under Material Info.

What open areas can be achieved?
The open area of a perforated sheet is dependent on thedhole pattern and can be calculated using the open area formulas.

What factors determine the cost of a perforated part?
The main factors influencing the perforated part cost are: material cost, the perforated pattern's level of difficulty (hole size versus material thickness, margins), tolerances and the quantity ordered.

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